Friday, September 28, 2007


France has a new political scandal. Well, it isn't exactly a huge political scandal and if you ask me, it's more worthy of 7th grade than the pages of Le Monde.

So don't tell anyone but, like, oh my god, President Sarkozy has been caught passing notes in class!

Yes, it's true: on his way out of a ministerial meeting Sarkozy was caught on film carrying a handwritten letter which, when magnified by some resourceful paparazzi, contained the following message (very roughly translated by yours truly):

"I feel I haven't seen you for an eternity and I miss you. Millions of besitos."

The handwriting is reportedly quite feminine. The press has already had fun in the past dissecting the first couple's rocky marriage. What to think? The official explanation is that the letter is written by Isabelle Balkany, the wife of a prominent (and notorious) mayor of a Paris suburb, to her good friend, Sarkozy's wife Cecilia. But French grammar watchers will note -- as does the article in Le Monde -- that if this is the case, the participe passé of the verb voir does not match the direct object: "J'ai l'impression de ne pas t'avoir vu," if indeed the person who hasn't been seen is feminine, should be "J'ai l'impression de ne pas t'avoir vue."

The implication is that while extramarital adventures can perhaps be expected of a politician, such a basic grammatical mistake cannot.

The country of Bill Clinton and Dan Quayle seems rather far away, does it not?

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