Sunday, August 05, 2007

What I've learned so far

Le Petit is three weeks and three days old. The learning curve is steep. So far I've discovered:

- I can survive on far less sleep than I'd imagined. Five hours a night is workable.

- Extreme sleep-deprivation leads to decreased verbal skills, including half-complete sentences and the inability to find vocabulary words in one's native language

- Never miss an opportunity: to sleep, to shower, to eat a meal with both hands.

- There are many things that can be eaten one-handed while nursing a small child. (It's best to think ahead and choose the left breast in order to have the right hand free.)

- That my husband really is ten times the man I fell in love with, with reserves of patience and kindness that even I, his greatest fan, didn't suspect.

- Everything you think you know one day, all the strategies that you've read in the shelf of books sent by well-meaning friends, can be completely and immediately thrown into question -- particularly at five o'clock in the morning when you've been up since one thirty.

- Cling to the small victories: the car trip that didn't end in uncontrollable crying, the half-hour of sleep at the end of the daily walk, the angelic, contented look on his face when you finally get him down to sleep after four hours awake in the middle of the night, the bright, alert gaze he gives you as he eats.

- That three weeks can last much, much longer than you'd ever imagined. And yet, in six months' time, I'm sure we'll be amazed at how quickly it all passed...

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