Saturday, August 11, 2007

Good day

A very good day after a shitty, "merdique" night. This morning Le Petit took a lovely, long nap after being rocked to sleep in his cradle by my husband, and I got to catch up on some much-needed, morale-reparing sleep myself. He was calm, alert and happy in his cradle during breakfast and lunch, and the round-trip in the car to and from a walk in the forest this afternoon was uneventful. He even fell asleep on the way back, and may sleep through our dinner, giving us a quiet evening to ourselves for the first time in a while.

Does this mean he'll then wake up at midnight and stay stubbornly awake until an hour I dare not contemplate this morning? I try not to worry too far ahead. He'll be a month old tomorrow. We've survived the first month!

Of course, last night he woke up and started nursing -- sort of -- at two o'clock, kept me half-awake as he continued nursing and fussing until four. The conclusion is that he sleeps no better in our bed than in his own, and we've declared the co-sleeping experiment over. He's back to the bassinet next to the bed, which we tried (and it seemed to work last night and this morning at least) warming up with a hot water bottle on the theory that the "thermic shock" of being placed in his bed from our warm arms was what was waking him up. He finally fell asleep again last night at six am and slept until eight.

Tonight, whatever happens, my goal is to keep my cool (and that darn water bottle hot...). I'll put my iPod next to the bed to listen to calming music during potential marathon nursing/lulling back to sleep sessions.

Rester zen.

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