Sunday, July 22, 2007

Le petit est arrivé !

Le petit has arrived! Deciding not to pay patriotic hommage just yet to either of his countries of citizenship, he arrived neither the 4th of July nor the 14th, but the 12th.

Everything that they say about the fatigue, the anxiety, the stress, but also the joy and the wonder of the event is true. (Okay, it's trite, but I'm a new mom, I'm allowed.)

That said, it's easier to appreciate it all now, for after several sleepless nights at the maternity ward, I'm very pleased to report that monsieur has decided to start sleeping six to seven hours a night at least some of the time, and take long naps during the day. That doesn't mean he doesn't express himself loudly when he's awake! It's easy to forget right now, since he's been sleeping soundly since early this afternoon, but when he's crying inconsolably it's one of the most trying experiences I've ever had.

I've decided that there is no language on Earth more difficult to understand than Baby. If only I could find a reliable translator...

In the meantime, we've started his English and French lessons, conducted by Maman and Papa repectively.


Julie said...

Congratulations! Wanted to email you but didn't have your email on hand. We are expecting a little one, too, in September (a baby girl. :-))
Best to you and the hubby.

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!!! What? No pictures of Louis? ~Herb

E-J said...

Enjoying your blog, discovered this evening - I have mostly been reading backwards through the entries!

My little girl is 10 & 1/2 months older than your Petit. Her daddy and I are both English (living in England) but longstanding francophiles - so when we took her to Paris last weekend (umpteenth stay for us 2, but a first for her) we were anxious to find out how she would take to all things French. Well, we had a LOT of fun, and since our return she has been peppering her conversation with "bonchour", "offwah", "messi" and even "maman". I can't wait to take her back there. Very envious that you have a life in Paris!