Thursday, May 24, 2007


It's a beautiful day outside, and I can just see a strip of cloudless blue sky above the ugly, ten-story apartment building that's the familiar view out my living room window. The blue is tinged slightly yellow -- this is Paris, after all -- and it's a bit too hot outside for my taste, but otherwise a perfect day. I'm not even sure I want to be outside, however. Today I'm happy curled up on the couch nesting.

When I got my arrêt de travail I consoled myself with "well, at least I'll be able to get the house really neat and tidy since I'll have nothing better to do." Now that I'm actually home, however, I've decided that if I'm stuck here, it really is to stay on my back as much as possible and not to run around with a dust rag and a vaccuum cleaner. Meanwhile, the living room, my new base of operations, has been overtaken with CDs, DVDs, and knitting and sewing projects, and the cable modem now decorates the coffee table. I still aim to organize the mess once a day and keep the kitchen clean, but I'm not going to get much more ambitious than that.

I watched Hôtel du Nord this afternoon, which my husband assured me was a chef d'oeuvre of French cinema. I enjoyed it enough, but I'll still have to take his word for it, since at least half of the dialog in pre-war Parisian slang was completely beyond me. Alas, the copy we have has no subtitles!

Despite appropriating just about every pillow in the house, I can't manage to get too comfortable on the couch. No one told me that the most difficult part of pregancy would be sitting down. If I don't have an uncomfortable pressure on the right side of my ribcage I have a horrible ache in the small of my back, despite all the squirming and adjusting I try. Sometimes for a short moment when I'm either lying down or walking around the house I'll actually forget I'm pregnant -- earlier today, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thought, "oh, yeah, that's right, I have a belly," -- but when I'm sitting down, not a chance.

I'm more or less comfortably leaning back now, the computer on my lap and the cordless mouse on the cushion next to me. Time to write about something serious, no?

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