Monday, March 12, 2007

No, I haven't forgotten

I haven't abandoned my blog, honest!

Although it has been well over a month since I last added an entry, I have been thinking about blogging plenty. In fact, I've had at least a half a dozen great blog entries come to mind, but they've all been left unwritten as I've focused on more pressing matters.

Like sleep.

Everyone told me that the first trimester was the most exhausting, and that by the time I entered second trimester I'd be in great shape, almost feeling back to my pre-pregnancy self (with a slight belly). I found instead that I was hardly tired at all during my first trimester, able to keep exercising, working long hours at work, and staying up unreasonably late for nights on end with few repercussions. Come the fourth month, it caught up with me. Now with anything less than seven-and-a-half hours' sleep I turn into a monster, and am either exceptionally irritable or half-unconscious most of the day.

So I've learned my lesson. Sleep is a priority. Not that I've been slowing down, for I've found the time for plays, concerts, long hikes around Ile de France, beach treks in Baie de Somme, and even a long weekend in Berlin. I simply haven't found any time to write about all of it. So, I'll start backtracking now to cover the interesting bits, and perhaps even add in some of my pregnancy gripes and my observations on the upcoming French presidential election. And, as always, I'll have some gastronomical observations, because after all, I've been paying extra attention since I'm eating for two.

Don't act so excited. Really, it is nice to be back.

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Reena said...

Welcome back. :) Missed your updates and observations.